The Against Bubble Project


Bullying is an increasingly expanding phenomenon in all European countries. Numerous studies have been done on the dynamics that characterize it and on the numerous negative effects that this produces in students. The control and prevention of the phenomenon is still difficult to manage because very often the boys are resisting to report these episodes, not only for the consequences
that this would have on a social level, but also for fear of any reactions. The monitoring of these behaviors is even more difficult if the victims do not have the tools to recognize them, let alone a social network that supports them. We’re talking about guys with autism spectrum disorder. The few studies on the subject show that the peculiarities that characterize them make them ideal victims, so much so that, compared to boys without disabilities, they are 4 times more likely to be bulled. More and more European countries are adopting an inclusive education, but to be defined as such it must ensure that it is created as a safe and suitable environment for everyone’s needs.

Main objectives

With our project we aim to fight and prevent the phenomenon of Bullying against boys with high functioning autistic spectrum disorder (and the Asperger Syndrome), but not only, involving all the figures that are part of the boy’s life context and that they play the role of main actors in this phenomenon.
Our goal is to create a good practice that can then be adopted by other European countries not participating in the project and that can be adapted and revised also to combat different types of discrimination, which are victims of the most varied subjects.
Through all these objectives we hope to make a strong contribution to the realization of what we hope will soon be an inclusive school, in the full sense of the term.

Itellectual outputs


The needs analysis is based on desk survey and in field questionnaires involving teachers and Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary staff, parents of guys with high functioning autistic spectrum disorder and the Asperger Syndrome students between 10 and 14 years old from partner countries’ schools.
One of main aims of this intellectual outputs is to deeply understand the point of view of the different actors involved in this phenomenon so as to build a targeted / personalized and effective intervention.
For the realization of this analysis on the field a specific instrument will be built, on the basis of previous research and on the aims of the project. It is on the basis of the results obtained from this survey that the following activities and another two intellectual outputs will be structured.


Planning of customized training activities respectively aimed at teachers, Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary staff and parents in order to provide them the guidelines and tools necessary to learn more about the phenomenon of bullying adolescents especially with regards autism spectrum disorder, to recognize it, to counteract it and prevent it.


This tool will be customized in three different versions for teachers, Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary staff and parents of ASD students;
Preventive action based on involvement of all students in socialising drama-based performances to develop knowledge and understanding of diversity and (on the other side) the ability of “recognise” bullying attitudes of the others, so as to defend their comrades and denounce such behaviors.

IO4 AGAINST BUBBLE Pedagogical Model

The aim of this IO is to explore the relationships between the “blue pupils” and the other students in his/her school, the “innocent” dynamics that can result in bullying situations, the consequences at emotional level for the bullied pupil, the recognition of the signs that can lead to such discriminatory behaviour and to propose alternatives we may have in order to cope with it and transform it into a more healthy relationship between pupils.


Forms of experiential rather than frontal learning will be preferred, using alternative techniques, such as the flipped classroom, the realization of theatrical activities, through which it aims to promote peer empathy and awareness of the phenomenon of bullying. The materials produced will be published on the project’s webpage, which will provide step-by-step guidelines and video links that will lead to the project’s YouTube channel, from which other schools will be inspired to design interventions to prevent and combat bullying.

Desired results, impacts and long-term benefits

We hope that following our project, students will develop a greater sensitivity towards this phenomenon so as to be ready to denounce these behaviors, but above all to avoid their implementation.
We also expect teachers, parents and Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary staff to have gained more tools for signal recognition and prevention of bullying in schools.

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