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TUCEP – Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme is a non-profit association bringing together 12 Italian universities and numerous enterprises as well as public bodies. TUCEP was created in 1992 within the framework of the European Union’s COMETT Programme, the EU programme on cooperation between universities and enterprises on training in research, innovation and technology. TUCEP’s mission is to foster and develop cooperation between universities and the world of work through the implementation of research and training projects aimed at promoting innovation and quality in education and training, fostering social inclusion, entrepreneurship and European values at regional, national, and European levels.

TUCEP’s main activities are the organisation and management of training courses at national and European level for young people and adults, including trainers, teachers, and school students.

TUCEP has participated in more than 100 European projects in the framework of the TEMPUS Programme, Horizon2020, LLP Programme, COSME, ERASMUS+ (KA1 Higher Education Mobility, KA2 Alliance of Knowledge, KA2 Strategic Partnership for School Education, KA2 Strategic Partnership for Youth, KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education, KA2 Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training, KA3 Inclusion Policy) EU for CITIZENS, JUSTICE.

Address: Piazza dell’Università, 1 – 06123 Perugia (Italy)
Email: tucep@tucep.org
Web: www.tucep.org


IES Eduardo Linares Lumeras (SPAIN)

The School IES “Eduardo Linares Lumeras” is a publicly owned center, under the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment of the Region of Murcia.
The goal of our institution is to achieve the comprehensive education of all students, in order to ensure they are critical and responsible citizens. For this we have based our work on the following strategies:
. Education in respect and development of democratic values.
. Promote tolerance for diversity and differences.
. Develop solidarity with the most disadvantaged groups.
. Basing academic work in the effort and perseverance.
. Stimulate the participation of all sectors.
. Offer a quality service based on professionalism and spirit of overcoming.
. Transparency in our work, therefore the school is collaborating with the Association of Fathers and Mothers of our students, agents from social environment and people with complementary activities.



The Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education of Thessaly (PDETh) is one of the 13 decentralized regional
administrative structures of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.
It is responsible for the implementation of educational policy and the management, control and co-ordination of the educational and administrative operation of primary and
secondary schools and other
educational structures in the Thessaly region.
It also directs and co-ordinates school consultants and it organizes in-service training and educational research. The Regional Directorate of Thessaly collaborates with major stakeholders for innovation in the field of education and organizes educational meetings, day events and conferences.
The Regional Directorate of Thessaly supervises 1,156 schools of both levels of
education (901 primary schools & 255 secondary schools). In Thessaly Region, teach
about 10,360 teachers of all disciplines (5,000 in primary schools & 5,360 in secondary
education) and the total number of students is approximately 97,500.

Contacts: Stella Kapsali & Ioanna Chatzopoulou
Phone Number: +302410539212

Address: Mandilara 23, Larissa, Greece, 41222
Email: euprojects@thess.pde.sch.gr
Web: https://thess.pde.sch.gr



The school institution gives attention to the problems of a rapidly evolving society and is oriented to operate according to the principles of the civic sense, the culture of solidarity and integration, to achieve quality training, working to reduce discomfort and disadvantages by putting in place individualized and personalized educational plans for pupils with special educational needs.
The Istituto Comprensivo Perugia 8 includes:
• Kindergarten (from 3 to 6 years old): “Hans Christian Andersen” and”Carlo Collodi”;
• Primary schools (from 6 to 10 years old): “Raffaello Lambruschini” full-time and regular time and “Don Dario Pasquini”;
• Midle Schools (from 6 to 14 years old) “Cristoforo Colombo” and Olmo;
The educational aims of the kindergarten, primary and middle, in collaboration with the family, pupils and the local context are aimed at promoting:



Euroaccion is a non-governmental, independent organisation for the support of youth and adult learning and professional and personal development of people with fewer opportunities. Their mission is to inspire and stimulate the human potential through experiential learning, non-formal education, volunteering and social inclusion-related projects.
Address: Avenida Primero de Mayo 20, 1°B, 30120 El Palmar, Murcia
Email: euroaccion@gmail.com
Web: www.euroaccion.com


DIMITRA Education & Consulting – GREECE

DIMITRA Education & Consulting is one of the largest and most distinguished Vocational Education & Training (VET) Organizations with Training Centers in five (5) cities in Greece. Since 1989, DIMITRA holds extensive experience and unique competencies in producing innovative and participative tools and methodologies for Human Resources development in a constantly changing world of work. Through our activities such as training, consulting, research, innovation transfer and development of international collaborations we work towards the promotion of social inclusion, educational, cultural, scientific and economic growth.

Director of Development and European projects Department

Email: anastasopoulou@dimitra.gr
Phone Number: +30 2410 55 40 26
Address: Palaiologou 19, 41223

Email: euprojects@dimitra.gr

Web: http://www.dimitra.gr



Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu is non-public higher education institution which began its activity on September 21, 2006 and offers education in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, cosmetology, dietetics and law.

Contacts: Aneta Orska – national coordinator
Address: ul. Piotrkowska 278, 90-361, Łódź
Email: a.orska@medyk.edu.pl
Web: www.medyk.edu.pl


Agrupamento de Escolas Ferreira de Castro (PORTUGAL)

Agrupamento de Escolas Ferreira de Castro is a school’s cluster that includes five different schools located in the suburban area of Mem Martins, Sintra, 20 km away from Lisbon. With 2300 students, including 250 children in kindergarten, our mission is the inclusive, intercultural and multilinguistic education of all pupils, forming autonomous, interveniful and aware citizens of their duties and rights, favouring creativity, adaptability and boldness.

Address: Rua Ferreira de Castro, 13
2725-311 Mem Martins
Email: direcao@efcastro.pt
Web: www.efcastro.pt


Associazione COAT – Centro Orientamento Ausili Tecnologici Onlus (ITALY)

The Center Orientation Technological Aids (COAT) is a non-profit organization, founded in early 1999, whose main objective is the development and research for the personalization of computer and electronic aids.
It consists of a multidisciplinary working group whose task is to evaluate and guide disabled people and their families to the use of appropriate aids to the characteristics of the person and the intended purpose.
The main objective is to allow the person with disabilities to propose themselves as an active subject and to overcome / reduce their disability. To achieve this goal, COAT is committed to finding innovative answers to the autonomy needs of people with disabilities, taking advantage of the
opportunities offered by technology. These objectives and working methods are shared by the GLIC (Interregional working group Advice centers for computer and electronic aids for disabled people), of which COAT is a founding member, which is the national network that gathers Centers specialized in the field of technological aids for people with disabilities.
COAT carries out activities in agreement with public and private bodies.
Among the main services performed:
• Technical and scientific information on available commercial aids and legal information on the legislation in force in Italy.
• Evaluations and orientation towards customized solutions for user autonomy
• Evaluations and support for team activities at the Aid Center
• Experimentation: activities of commercial devices’ customization and development of new aid systems for specific needs are planned.
So, summing up, we can say that COAT deals with people with severe and very serious disabilities and their families, offering customized solutions that can make the subject as autonomous as possible and able to communicate.


Giunti Psychometrics

Giunti Psychometrics is a scientific publisher, and develops tools and methodologies to meet all assessment needs in the fields of talent, health and education. Giunti Psychometrics is part of Giunti Group, one of the most important publishers in Italy in terms of history, reputation, market and catalogue.
We mainly provide psychological assessment tools and services to public and private companies and professionals.
Giunti Psychometrics has a network of foreign associates operating in many countries around the world with the same scientific rigour and passion as the Italian office.
Our main mission is to develop tools and services for the field of applied psychology, guaranteeing high quality, international scientific standards and adaptation to the cultural context of reference.
We have a training department that mainly delivers online courses (both asynchronous and synchronous).
We also target schools and teachers for training on psycho-pedagogical topics. We are currently involved in several European projects.

Address: Via Frà Paolo Sarpi, 1 – 50136 Florence (Italy)
Email: info@giuntipsy.com
Web: www.giuntipsy.com

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